ZE Datawatch eMagazine June 2015

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In this month’s issue, the In Depth article continues to examine possible implications of Tesla Powerwall and Powerpack batteries on the energy industry. The challenges posed by the widespread adoption of these batteries could result in less predictable energy consumption, which could significantly reshape the way utility companies do business and increase the need for more data and more capable data management systems. The Editorial article looks at the recent US Supreme Court ruling that overturned the EPA’s Mercury and Air Toxic Standards regulation; while this may appear to be a definitive victory for coal and oil, it could perhaps be a momentary one in the battle against renewables. Numerous short articles this month provide updates on TMX Group launching the AgriClear platform for the US and Canadian cattle market, Thomson Reuters expanding its coverage of Canada’s fixed income market, a new energy visualization widget from the EIA, and much more.

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ZE Datawatch eMagazine June 2015 by ZE PowerGroup Inc.

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