ZE DataWatch eMagazine – January 2013

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Environmentalists in the US have been celebrating the inauguration of President Obama for a second term, with many hopeful it will pave the way for four more years of environmental policies and growing clean energy sources.

However the reality is that times may be calling for more conservative and less dramatic decisions. It is likely Congress will remain gridlocked on certain issues, forcing the White House to find other ways of pushing through the “green” agenda. And what could be better avenues for that, than EPA and maybe even FERC?

In the January issue:

  • EMS and EPEX are considering to set up Southeast Europe Power Exchange
  • Platts will publish biodiesel premiums over ICE gasoil futures for its spot price assessments
  • Platts to introduce new European DEG assessments
  • Platts: Steel Mill Economics Spreads
  • CME acquires KCBT to expand wheat products
  • NOAA’s Great Lakes Water Level Dashboard will report historic, current water data and forecasts
  • AccuWeather personalizes local weather forecasts through Lifestyle Lenses
  • NOAA revises winter hazard alerts, “watch”, “advisory” and “warning” and other language
  • CME Globex launches new USD-INR and USD-RMB (CNH) futures
  • MIAX Options Exchange launched for the trading of OCC issued standardized options on equities and ETFs
  • US participants get easier access to EEX
  • Portuguese Treasury Bills Integrated into Interbolsa
  • NYSE Euronext to be acquired by ICE and to open a new exchange for Pan-European SMEs
  • NYSE expands to Hong Kong trough two access centers

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ZE DataWatch – January 2013

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