ZE DataWatch eMagazine August 2013

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With the Morris worm of 1988, arguably the first computer worm spread via internet, our exposure to threats has expanded into the new dimension, cyber. It was a sign of things to come. We have had to adopt a new lingo to go along with the new threats. “Virus” and “worm” are no longer only listed in medicine and biology dictionaries. Younger generations are unlikely to associate a Trojan horse with the Helen-Paris-Menelaus love triangle. Computer geeks will give you surprised looks when you engage in conversation with them about shopping for rods and hooks to go “phishing”. “Honey pots” are fed not exclusively to Winnie-the-Pooh. “Firewalls” are not designed for buildings or vehicles only… Read More

More News This Month:

 ACR Issues First California Registry Offset Credits
EIA Adds Hurricane Information Web Tool
MDA to Provide Space Shuttle Communications
AccuWeather Launches 45-Day Forecast
NOAA Weather Service Doubles Computing Capacity
Platts Launches Light Houston Sweet Assessment
Argus Adds European Electricity Codes
ICE Completes NYSE Liffe Derivatives Transition
CME Adds Aussie Dollar Wheat Swap Contracts
FERC to Remove Energy Communications Barriers
Deutsche Borse, Liquidnet Offer German Block Trading
Eurex Adds Options for French Govt Bond Futures
Bahrain Bourse Boosts Engine with NASDAQ Tech


DataWatch August 2013 by ZE PowerGroup Inc.

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