ZE at LDC Gas Forum Southeast Conference: Data Management and the Polar Vortex

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ZE attended the 14th Annual LDC Gas Forum Southeast Conference from April 13th-16th held at the Intercontinental Buckhead in Atlanta, Georgia. This well-orchestrated event was one of five regional LDC Gas Forum conferences held annually to bring together buyers and sellers in the natural gas industry, and industry leaders discussing timely issues. ZE attends all annual LDC forums to stay abreast of market trends and to share our expertise in data management with industry participants. Traditionally, LDC Gas Forum features presentations on a variety of topics such as regulatory updates, supply and demand, and financial outlook in the natural gas market. These presentations are a great way for participants to catch up on current challenges and trends in the industry.

Polar Vortex

This year’s keynote presentation was delivered by Dr. James Duncan of ConocoPhillips Gas & Power, and focused on predicting polar vortexes. A panel of experts further discussed the effects of these climate phenomena on the natural gas market, specifically the role/value of natural gas storage, how prices are affected, the utilization of liquid natural gas imports, and the impact on pipeline capacity. The graphs below, created using ZE’s premier end-to-end data management solution known in the industry as ZEMA, show how the frigid temperatures in Chicago, Indianapolis, and Minneapolis may have affected the price of natural gas for Chicago City Gate Hub, which spiked during the second of the January cold snaps caused by the polar vortex.

Temperature vs. Natural Gas Price
Figure 1 This graph shows the relationship between temperatures and the price of natural gas at the Chicago City Gate hub, the nearest hub to all three cities. Climate data is from AccuWeather and pricing data is from NYMEX. This graph was created using ZEMA.
Temperature vs. Natural Gas vs. Power Prices
Figure 2 This graph shows the relationship between the temperature in Chicago and Real Time and Day Ahead Power Prices. Climate data is from AccuWeather and Power Prices are from PJM. This graph was created using ZEMA.

A wide range of industry players were present at the LDC Gas Forum, including representatives from utilities, end users, marketers, pipelines, processors, producers, and vendors. The event was a wonderful opportunity for ZE to gain invaluable insight into the current state of the market from ZEMA clients and non-users alike, in areas such as storage, shale plays, gas supply, liquid natural gas transport, and geopolitics to name a few.

The data management, analytics and integration capabilities of  ZEMA  are leveraged by clients not only in the natural gas industry, but across power, crude oil, commodities and financial markets as well. ZEMA facilitates the collection, centralization and validation of data from public, secure and internal sources, and allows for a single point of access to the cleansed data through a number of analytical tools. Finally, raw and transformed data alike can be automatically fed to any and all downstream systems using our wide range of integration tools. For more information, please visit our products page, or book a demo!

Thank you to the LDC Gas Forums and the Intercontinental Buckhead for hosting such a well-run and informative event, and providing an opportunity to interact with and learn from natural gas industry leaders. We look forward to attending again next year.

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