The Time Is Now

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Clients, Partners and friends…hope everyone reading this has recovered or is recovering from the recent one in two hundred year flooding event in Houston.

As everyone knows, our industry has seen the worst drilling downturn since the 1980’s; by some measures it is also considered the worst oil bust ever.  Enterprises are cutting back and layoffs unfortunately dominate the news; ConocoPhillips, BP, Halliburton, Shell, Apache, Tenaris, etc., companies big and small across the energy sector.

At ZE PowerGroup, we are also affected by the down market. However, peering through an optimistic lens, I do see light at the end of the tunnel. As everyone knows, these economic situations are cyclical, and what comes down – must eventually go back up.

So, if you reflect; rather than allow this barrage of negative news to make everyone wary, this is really the best time to invest and strengthen your data infrastructure. ZE PowerGroup wants to be your strategic partner and will work with a proven win-win attitude. ZE can provide solutions in reorganizations and turn slow time into productive time. When the market rebounds you will be able to take advantage of the volatility and respond to the energy industry dynamics more efficiently and profitably.

My point… now is the time to invest in a robust data enterprise solution. Internal data management costs can be aggregated and consolidated. Ultimately you can facilitate a solution that will provide validated data, relevant market analytics, curve technology and integration to enterprise platforms providing a “single version of the truth”. There is no better opportunity than the present to work with solutions vendors, focus on consolidating legacy antiquated systems and invest in the venerable enterprise solution for your organization.

When you think about it …there really isn’t anything to think about…ZE PowerGroup is the answer.  ZEMA is the vehicle. And the time is now.

Fran Rolon
Director North American Markets, ZE PowerGroup Inc.


“In good times it is easier to prosper and rise.
It is the hard times that differentiate us, expose our qualities,
and test our endurance.”

Dr. Zak El-Ramly
President and CEO, ZE PowerGroup Inc.

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