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Finding the right Data Integration and Analysis tools is critical for the NGL and LNG Industries

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By Centralizing and Automating Your Data on a Single Platform , You Can Make the Right Data-Driven Decisions for Your NGL and LNG Organization

The NGL and LNG market is becoming increasingly more complex, competitive, and difficult to predict. The key players in the markets are demanding more flexibility, the industry is seeing a rise in LNG portfolio players as key buyers, and a single event in one continent is impacting the outlook in another. As such, players in the NGL and LNG markets need to pursue innovation and improvements to adapt to the rapidly changing global conditions and seize opportunities for growth. Hence, understanding the past and current market trends and conditions is integral to navigating the NGL market in the future.

How ZEMA works for NGL and LNG Traders and Risk Managers

The award-winning ZEMA platform collects the daily reports from these data sources, along with client specific reports, whether they be forward, spot, operational, arrival, liquidity, stock, price statistics, volumes, marks, flows or other NGL and LNG data. These are then validated for timeliness, completeness and correctness, have metadata applied to the reports and stored within a clients’ ZEMA database.

This data can then be compared with other market data, internally generated data, or other sources of public, private, or 3rd party data to generate analysis for forecasts, derivative pricing, or use in validation methodologies such as independent price verification.

For some of ZE’s larger clients, this data is then pushed into trade risk management platforms (ETRM/CTRM), allowing the calculation of volatility or liquidity risks, profit opportunities and other market based insights.

With ZEMA, you have a complete end-to-end data management system for your decision-making and risk management needs. Download case study on ZEMA and LNG.

Benefits of NGL and LNG Data Management

Considering the rapid expansion of NGL and LNG in the past decades, the ability to leverage actionable market data based on sound insights in a timely manner is extremely important in today’s market.

At ZEMA, we can help NGL and LNG companies reap a number of benefits including:

Midstream Data Management

Traders, Risk Managers and Business Analysts are able to easily blend their own proprietary data with market data, open data, weather data or from third party sources that enables them to build curves and run analytics that reflects their own interpretation of the market. This results in detailed and accurate analysis of forward price benchmarks on how much to buy, sell, liquefy, store, or transport LNG or NGL.

Downstream Data Management

Automatically transforming data for ingestion, push or pull, into downstream systems directly via an adapter or storing into a staging area, are inherent features of ZEMA.  All downstream applications are supportable including in-house applications or 3rd Party applications such as:

  • C/ETRMs including:  ION Commodities, Allegro, OpenLink,
  • ERPs:  SAP, Oracle,
  • Data Lakes: Azure, Snowflake
  • BI and Visualization: TIBCO Spotfire, Tableau, PowerBI
  • Analytics Tools: Qlik, Python, MatLab
  • Other Apps:  Settlements, Billing & Invoicing, Customer Apps

Identifying Oil and Gas Trends

Dynamic visual interface and dashboard allows easy identification of NGL and LNG trends, anomalies, and the forces moving the market.

Monitoring NGL and LNG Market

Monitor and assess the market and demand for NGL and LNG, based on set criteria as well as provide alerts in case of when market conditions change. Benefit from numerous regular region- and sector-specific market reports that give a comprehensive view of the current gas and energy market.

Customizing Watch lists

Allows you to build custom watch lists to monitor throughput volumes, volumes at storage, meter volumes, gas processing, and more. Define a set of criteria to set up each watch list and get regular alerts.

Intrastate Monitoring

Gain awareness and visibility into critical blind spots in the gas market by analyzing the fundamental changes to make informed decisions concerning demand and supply.

Improved Infrastructure Intelligence

Leverage timely and in-depth data to predict the impact to demand and supply for NGL pipelines and processing plants.

NGL Forward Supply and Demand Report

Use comprehensive data to anticipate long-term impacts to the NGL market fundamentals driving the forward curve, several months ahead.

Greater Visibility of Market

Leveraging multi-level data from multiple resources to immediately provide greater transparency of an increasingly interconnected energy and gas market and become aware of market risks in a preemptive way.

NGL and LNG Forward Curve Analyses

Enabling NGL and LNG companies in finding opportunities in the oil and gas market and managing LNG market price risk by assessing the LNG Forward Curves and identifying and inferring diverse trading trends and patterns.

Offering In-depth Insight into Market Drivers

Offer daily coverage from global market experts that provide a data-driven understanding of short-term market drivers, authoritative commentary on LNG trading activities, and pricing transparency, designed to offer you a full perspective of past, current and future market trends.

Introducing ZEMA

The ZEMA platform is a state-of-the-art data management s that offers various industries advanced capabilities to collect data, perform market analysis, curve management, process automation, and third-party tool integration. Our expert solution is designed to offer benefits for multiple aspects of the NGL and LNG markets.  ZEMA offers the following capabilities:

  • Providing a single point of access for multi-level and multi-resource data
  • Continuously updates data and collect it in real time
  • Validates and corroborates data as it is imported into the system
  • Collects from providers, such as Argus, OPIS, S&P Global Platts, AccuWeather, Kpler, Opis, National Grid, ICAP, PortArrivals, ICIS, ICE, Tullett Prebon

The data collected by ZEMA can be used to perform comparative analysis with competitor’s data, other market data, internally generated data, or other private, public, or third-party data to generate forecast analysis, derivative pricing, and or used in validation methodology. This data can also be leveraged into trade risk management platforms, allowing companies to calculate volatility risks, opportunities for profits, and other market-based insights, while minimizing resource expenditure and maintenance on IT data infrastructure.

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Today, more than ever before, dynamic data insights into the energy and gas industry sectors are the key to navigating volatile and complex commodity markets. Access to in-depth insights into the most recent gas industry developments and tracking market changes is crucial for making sustainable business decisions.

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