Exploring the Future of Renewable Energy at the Platts Global Power Markets Conference

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This past week we were in Las Vegas for Platts 29th Annual Global Power Markets Conference (GPM) that took place at the Wynn Resort and Casino. The three day conference was spectacularly organized and run by Platts representatives, with great attractions at the end of each day to facilitate deeper relationships between attendees.

There were a variety of workshops which provided great insight into the current events in power markets and financing. A major topic discussed was the future of renewable energy as it becomes a more significant factor in the industry. An increased need for data will result from increased use of renewable energy, and we were able to discuss with attendees how ZEMA already collects renewables data and is fully equipped to aid organizations as their data needs evolve. For example, the graph below, created in ZEMA, displays Midcontinent Independent System Operator (MISO) total wind generation data, plotted hourly for the past year. As focus grows more intensely on renewable energy sources like wind energy, the need for accurate and timely data will increase, and ZEMA will be equipped to manage those needs (ZEMA).

Total Wind Generation
Total Wind Generation from January 2013 until February 2014 from MISO


A specific highlight of the conference was the Global Power Markets Executive Roundtable, in which representatives from Pattern Energy, Panda Power Funds, Exelon Generation, and RES Americas discussed topics such as emissions regulations; renewable companies and the capital market; the next generation of sustainable alternative energy options; cheap natural gas; and consolidation among power players and its impacts on markets. The discussion of emissions was particularly interesting, since we have been discussing carbon emissions the past few months at ZE (Harnessing the Opportunity of Carbon Cap-and-Trade), It was very interesting to hear the opinions of such seasoned and accomplished industry veterans on the future of the market, and the events that are impacting the market now.

Platts GPM provided the perfect platform for individuals across various segments of the industry to come together and exchange opinions, ideas, and learn more about each other’s niche within the industry. We were provided the opportunity to display ZEMA and its ability to be data agnostic, comprehensive, and mobile between industries, enabling organizations to obtain a unique advantage in data management.

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