Determine the Forex Pricing Boundaries with ZEMA

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Amongst different currency pairs, the importance of Euro/USD has always been very critical in Forex trading. It is not only one of the most dynamically traded pairs but has also fetched a lot of attention for its liquid nature in the trading world. Due to a strong presence of large corporations, financial institutions in the United States and Europe, businesses and traders are always on their toes to hedge the exchange rate risk based on a powerful technical analysis.

Understanding pricing dynamics and market behavior is an indispensable exercise before a financial position is opened or closed. Although, traders are well versed with the existing methods of analysis, but are still searching for a perfect platform to execute their techniques. While traders rely on the heavy task of analyzing data, ZEMA equips them with all the essential instruments on a single platform. With such ease of access, users can effectively work on various aspects of data and time their trade position.

ZEMA’s Market Analyzer powers the concept of technical analysis with a full-fledged library of formulas. These formulas can be used in conjunction with multiple data feeds that can be easily dragged, dropped and brought to action. When analyzing data, it is vital for currency traders to measure the price and time their trade. In order to timely judge the overbought and oversold Euro/USD, ZEMA reduces the time spent on preparing data for analysis by using Market Analyzer’s built-in business logic to automatically adjust data for weekends, holidays, time zones, and other industry-specific logic. Time is no less important when data access is in question; ZEMA Market Analyzer ensures quick and easy data retrieval and placing it on a single platform for the purpose of analysis.

Another crucial component of technical analysis is trend identification. In order to accomplish that, Market Analyzer’s built-in regression functions can be used to lend shape to pricing channels and identify trends. Out of multiple technical indicators, Bollinger Bands is a popular profit-taking tool amongst hedgers and its heavy usage is much more explorable with the help of ZEMA.

The ZEMA graph below exhibits the market trend, as well as the strength of Market Analyzer. This application allows traders, speculators, hedgers, financial analysts to capitalize on some renown technical indicators. As shown with the orange line on the graph, users are able to surface the trend direction by drawing a moving average out of fluctuating data points.

Determine_the_Forex Pricing_Boundaries_with_ZEMA_graph

ZEMA is a comprehensive suite of applications which serves four essential areas of data management; Data Collection, Data Analysis, Automated Curve Processes, and Data Integration with the Downstream Systems. Book a demo with us to learn what ZEMA can do for you.

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