Global climate change is becoming more than just a scary bedtime story that could happen to someone, somewhere, and at some time. Out of all the industries, it is the power sector that seems to be getting the hit by this monster. And it is coming much faster – and hitting much harder – than anyone may have imagined.

More News This Month

- ERCOT Updates Electric Market Mobile App
- CME Renames Four Power Contracts
- Platts Adds Daily Non-firm Electricity Assessments for the West
- EEX Adds German Natural Gas Products
- Platts Ends Japan, Korea Fuel Oil Assessments
- NYMEX Delists Four Natural Gas Contracts
- Platts Assesses Capesize Met Coal Freight Rates
- Platts Adds 3 Sugar Market Data Categories
- Argus Adds Steel Feedstock Series
- CME Extends Iron Ore Listing on Globex
- EPA Launches Green Sports Resource Directory Online
- EEX Launches Global Environmental Exchange GmbH
- NOAA Adds Great Lakes Online Mapping Tool
- NOAA Adds Deepwater Horizon Oil Spill Data
- Carbon Market Data Adds Croatia to Platform
- NYMEX Delists 5 Biofuels Futures
- ISE, Moscow Exchange Announce MOU
- Reuters Releases 130,000 Clinical Trials, Intelligence
- Chi-X Canada Adds Retail Market Data Program
- Reuters Adds Energy, Manufacturing, Code Content
News from Data Vendors

- New Data Reports for ZEMA
- August Power Trading Volume Climbs 9% Year-on-Year
- PEGAS: Volumes for August 2013
- PEGAS: Powernext to launch Futures Contract on PEG Sud
- Danger to European energy market transparency from EU benchmark proposal

DataWatch September 2013