Currency Traders Have Cast Their Votes In Expectations of Scotland Voting “No” As Pound Sterling Hits Two-Year High

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The exit polls say it’s neck and neck, but currency traders bet that Scotland will reject independence, as the British pound sterling hit a two-year high against the euro today. The pound gained a third of a per cent to trade at 1.2687 euros – the highest level since April 2012.[1]

The ZEMA graph in this example demonstrates the pound’s recovery against the euro in the past 48 hours. This data is taken from the Bank of Canada’s foreign exchange report.

Figure 1: The Value of the British Pound against the Euro, September 1-18, 2014

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[1] Jim Edwards, “Currency Traders Have Already Voted: Soaring Pound Says Scotland Will Vote No,” Business Insider, accessed September 18, 2014,

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