ZE’s Hosted Data Management Seminar in Zurich, Ch

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ZE is Hosting an event, Analyzing and Extracting Value for the Evolving Complex Data Landscape, in Zurich, ch on June 28, 2016. This event is focused on the changing landscape of the data universe and how it is affecting many global industries. Not only is the market place variation uncharacteristically large for the Oil, Gas and Energy sectors, but is sufficiently large to affect agriculturally associated commodities and even the Insurance and Reinsurance industry. This is not only due to socio-economic factors, such as oil production, but because of the dynamic and ever changing nature of the planet, namely weather. The ability to take into account all of these sources of unusual variation in models and simulations so that risk mitigation and pricing strategies can be at their most precise, is almost impossible without a robust data management process in place. This is why ZE felt the need to hold this event.

With effects like El Nino, along with a 12-year low oil price, a data management solution is imperative for businesses to adapt and evolve to the new landscapes in many industries. This is where ZEMA, the end-to-end data management solution, becomes not just a smart choice, but a necessity. Only through automated data collection, validation and integration of data directly from important data vendors into analytics, models and methodologies will let businesses structure their current processes, validate their data-driven decisions and align their risk mitigation strategies with their future needs.

Therefore, as a participant at this event, not only will a discussion on the best practices of enterprise data management take place, but a discussion of the trends taking place within many industries, including: Insurance and reinsurance, energy, agricultural commodities, weather products, risk management, energy markets and global commodities. So whether you are a participant in these markets, or just an interested party, come and observe ZE’s extensive experience in data management solutions for all enterprises, or learn from industry experts how data and a robust data management solution can make businesses prepared for the future.

If you would like to learn more about the event, review the agenda or register to attend, please click the following: http://www.ze.com/events/datamanagementseminarzurich/

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