ZE Sports Day and Company Culture

The third annual ZE sports day was on August 30 and you could not have asked for more. There was excitement, drama, controversy, and yes, the thrill of victory and the agony of defeat. Each team came to this event buzzing with energy, but it was team yellow that came flying out of the gates with possibly the best chant heard at any event. Though at first a little rattled, it did not take the other teams long to regain their composure and the event settled into a tight affair with very little to separate the top from the bottom team.

Controversy poked up its ugly head midway through the event as participants contested everything from the colour of the sky to the air they were force to breathe to live. Sensibly, the excellent referee team pulled the captains together to remind them of the spirit of the games:  “Citius, Altius, Fortius”, which for those of you who speak Vulcan means “Live long and prosper.” This seemed to give the teams new focus and it came down to the final event to determine the winner, with every team capable of taking the prize.

After a tough fought battle Team Yellow, captained by the indomitable Radwa Zaky emerged with the gold. Radwa had the difficult task of following in the footsteps of Aiman, who guided yellow to victory in the past two events, but she was more than up to the task. Highlights of the event include the diaper related and waddling events which earned some of its participants endorsement deals with our adult diaper mock sponsor. Depends, they’re not just for figure skaters any more.

But seriously, we had excellent participation this year and great team spirit so thank you to everyone who took part and made this another successful ZE team building event.

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