ZE Sponsors the European Energy Trade Summit in London

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ZE had the opportunity to participate in the European Energy Trade Summit the last week of September. The Summit was a great event which attracted key energy players (many traders!) from all across Europe (and some from the US) focusing on European energy & commodity markets. The conference discussions were designed to explore trading & regulation of energy markets, with different streams for those interested in power, gas, regulation and renewables. Much of the discussions focused on the continued need for a cohesive European energy market as well as the merits and challenges of evolving competitive energy markets; there was also significant dialogue on the developments of Turkish energy markets.

ZE participated as sponsors and we had a booth to call home during the Summit which attracted many visitors and was a catalyst for a plethora of dynamic conversations. The ZEMA message was widely embraced as many participants recognize the value and need for strong data management and analytic tools. Another common theme that was explored was the business requirement of extracting market information and derivative analysis — and integrating this with downstream systems; another key benefit to the ZEMA Suite. We had the opportunity to perform many demonstrations during the Summit and have follow-up visits with new friends to continue the dialogue.

We also need to note the beauty and charm of the venue. The European Energy Trade Summit was located in the London Film Museum, right across from Big Ben and the London Eye. We had the opportunity to engage in great business discussions next to beautiful artifacts which represent the history of film. One of my favorites was the life-size Batman and Superman! Presentations and panel discussions were conducted in the Chamber of Debate, which was the original British Parliament debate room. The room was a large intimidating circular room – high ceilings, wooden panels, leather benches and a podium designed to seat the senate; the room exuded history. How cool is that?!

If we missed you during the Energy Trade Summit we would be more than happy to provide you with your own custom ZEMA demo and explore the benefits and value of the ZEMA proposition.


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