ZE is Proud to Sponsor at 8th Annual ETOT Summit 2016 in London

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If you are involved in the energy industry you understand well the ever increasing complexity of the marketplace. From regulation and reporting, to data management and daily closeout, these activities draw your focus from the activities that push your business forward. Not to mention that the volume of data and the activity that relies on that information, is growing faster than many businesses can effectively manage. For twenty years we have been developing solutions to these challenges through our enterprise data management software, ZEMA. ZE PowerGroup is excited to announce that we are on location at the 8th annual Energy Trading Operations and Technology Summit in London, England, meeting with you in the industry to discuss these very issues.

Sure to be touched upon at this year’s ETOT summit will be the factors that influence data efficiency in the middle and back-offices. If you work in  these desks, you have probably experienced an increase in the number of trades, growth in data affecting those trades, and most certainly more complexity. We at ZE have worked hard to develop our flagship solution, ZEMA, to automate many of the manual data processes weighing down your organization. With ZEMA in your arsenal, many of these tasks can be automated so that you can focus your attention to areas that need it most.

Automation will multiply your capacity for work, and ZE is here to help implement and manage these changes to your intraday and end-of-day processes. Counting some of the largest fortune 500 companies as clients, ZE’s team of automation experts will be able to refactor and audit business processes for optimizing opportunities. We provide a streamlined data collection service to give users access to an unrivaled catalog of data sources and internal connectivity options. ZEMA also offers clients the ability to perform complex analysis of market data and is designed in a way that easily integrates with third-party systems.

We hope to see you at this year’s ETOT summit in London, or to visit us online at ZE.com.

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