ZE Doubles its ZEMA Users Base in 2010

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ZE PowerGroup Inc.® (ZE) is proud to announce it was able to meet its Calendar 2010 corporate objective of doubling its client base for the ZEMATM Suite. ZEMA is ZE’s flagship software for Enterprise Data Management. The new ZEMA users came from a diverse range of organizations including utilities, oil and gas companies, commodity traders, power and gas marketers, hedge funds, industrial gas producers and public authorities. The growth in clients further bolsters ZE’s strong self-financed positive position.

Dr. Zak El-Ramly, President and CEO of ZE, comments, “Our proudest achievement not only comes from the number of clients procured but also the diversity and scale of the implementations.” He added, “We continuously strive to implement wider and more integrated systems that have a broader reach across the client’s organization. We expanded our scope of services to include enhanced integration services, consulting and business analysis services, custom development and customized training.”

“ZE is particularly proud of its increased European success; our ability to meet the needs of our European clients is truly indicative of the value proposition of ZEMA.” Waleed El-Ramly, COO of Product Development elaborated, “We’ve been able to meet the greater demands on our resources while continuing to enhance our service quality. All ZEMA 2010 implementations have already passed the client-acceptance stage and are well integrated into the clients’ existing infrastructures.”

In order to meet growing client needs, ZE has taken the following actions:

  • Hired a large number of experienced resources with in-depth industry knowledge
  • Developed an exhaustive internal training program
  • Expanded and restructured its consulting group to focus on helping clients with ZEMA implementations, business analysis, training and process automation
  • Acquired and built new office facilities to double its operating space
  • Implemented 24 hour application support operations

The ZE outlook for 2011 looks similarly bright and it is likely that ZE will repeat the success of 2010. The feedback from its clients is positive and encouraging. ZE is well positioned in the market and is posed to expand both regionally and by industry. Dr Zak El-Ramly elaborates, “In the ZE culture, when we achieve success we must keep working harder to ensure our momentum does not decline; our diligence is how we repay our clients’ trust.”

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