ZE Contributes to the Disaster Relief Program

It has become a tradition in ZE to pull our efforts together in supporting fundraising programs for those who suffered misfortune.

In the past, ZE raised $15,085 for disaster relief in Haiti and $8,075 for Pakistan. Most recently, we have set our own new record by contributing $16,200 to the “Help Africa!” fundraising program. The contributions collected by ZE employees for CARE Canada are matched by the Canadian government to the total amount of $32,400. The latest contribution was the ZE’s response to the Africa’s worst drought in 60 years. Those adverse weather conditions brought in famine, wide spread illnesses and increased violence making it a severe humanitarian emergency.

We are very proud to be part of the global movement in helping those who had to suffer hardship and found themselves in desperate need of basic necessities. The culture of ZE promotes not only team work, innovation and ambition but also reaching out to the community and building the feeling of togetherness.

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