ZE Contributes to Major Industry Events by Sharing its Expertise

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ZE PowerGroup is attending and sponsoring several important industry events in the coming weeks. As the developers of the ZEMA Suite and as a recognized market leader in the Data Management and Analysis space, ZE PowerGroup has been actively contributing its expertise through sponsorship and participation at many of the highly attended industry’s conferences and trade shows.

These events allow ZE to discuss the challenges and requirements of Enterprise Data Management with the colleagues and market participants that provide the industry a better understanding of what is required for a complete system in terms of data collection, storage, validation, integration, analysis, and reporting.

The functions will be attended by ZE executives, managers, sales and marketing team, and analysts. Members of the ZE team are happy to meet with you at any of these functions to discuss your particular issues, get to know you or share with you the attributes of the ZEMA Suite. The following upcoming events are sponsored by ZE in September and October 2010:

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