ZE Attends The Northeast LDC Gas Forum in Boston

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As a ZE PowerGroup representative, I recently attended the Northeast LDC Forum held in Boston.

The event, which took place from June 9th-12th in the Marriott Copley Plaza, brought together natural gas industry professionals to meet and do business. This year there must have been more than 700 people in attendance.

The event itself was a great experience and I found it personally very interesting to interact with such a well-informed audience. Overall I gained some very valuable insights into some natural gas infrastructural developments. I also learnt a lot about the various strategies currently being used by our clients to deal with some of the ongoing volatility of the market.

The debate throughout three days was very timely and well informed to say the least. We heard a lot about some of the challenges facing the industry. What’s more the speakers were on hand to address some of the more technical questions. For me, it was a very useful opportunity to learn about what current management energy strategies that are being used by leaders in the industry right now.

Presentations ranged from topics concerning the ongoing financial/credit turmoil, the ever changing regulatory environment, new sources of supply and the utilization of storage. Speakers also talked in length about new infrastructure projects coming on-stream, and new trends in LNG markets. Discussions around risk management, hedging strategies, and demand forecasts were also particularly interesting.

I find events like these give me an opportunity to bring myself right up-to-date on what’s happening in the industry. It’s always good to listen to energy consultative expertise and from who else but from leaders in the field.

In particular I enjoyed talking with Jim Duncan Manager of Market Research at the ConocoPhillips networking event and the entire CME Group management team at their own event.

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