ZE Attends Platts P3 Executive Summit

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I had the good fortunate to attend the Platts P3 Executive Summit recently in beautiful Montréal, Canada. The city is culturally inviting; along with the glorious weather and fantastic host, the backdrop made for an enjoyable and productive few days.

Platts treated their partners to a great networking and information sharing opportunity. For me, the event started ideally, with an exceptional round of golf at the Saint-Raphaël course. Later, on the evening prior to the summit, we enjoyed a welcoming cocktail reception and a fine dinner at the historic L’Auberge Saint-Gabriel in Old Montréal. These gastronomic festivities were only the beginning.

At ZE we appreciate the work we do with our partners, and Platts Executive Summit was a creative way for partners and competitors to come together to discuss the various market opportunities.

When the rubber finally hit the road, Arif Razvi, Jana Martin and Izzie Sadiq-Shirley facilitated a very informative and constructive technical summit. Early speakers in the program, Dr.’s Anthony Yuen from Citigroup, and Beth Ann Bovino, from Standard & Poors, delivered excellent market reviews, which inspired my own personal investigations into market anomalies in pricing and potential recovery timelines.  Former Senator, Christopher Dodd, shared his unique perspective on the Dodd-Frank Act in his keynote address. It was wonderful to meet Larry Neal, the President of Platts, as well as the sector GM’s; Andy Bose, Oil Group, Andrew Goodwin, Metals Group, and Jim Simpson, Power and Gas Group, who individually discussed their plans for product development and market outreach. In all, I have to say that I left the event feeling informed and invigorated. Platts certainly hit on a strong formula for promoting partner success.

Thanks again to Platts for inviting me and I look forward to the next event!

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