ZE Attends Annual COGA Conference

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I attended the annual COGA (Colorado Oil and Gas Association)conference last week in Colorado and as always, the event was a success. This year’s COGA Energy Epicenter was very much focused on upstream issues and discussions. Of particular interest to me was the panel discussion: “Technology Revolution: Drivers of the New Economic and Resource Possibilities”. The panelists discussed the technological advancements that have and will shape the future of the energy revolution. They each described how technology has improved access, reduced environmental footprints, managed water use and allowed for the ever-increasing  efficiency of development. Another point of interest for me was the talk given by Rusty Braziel, RBN Energy, on the logistics of dealing with LNG from storage to transportation. He looked at the challenges arising and also the solutions which are making this process less difficult and more cost-effective. In relation to the vendor expo, this year it was the central feature of the event. As the entire event was contained in one place, the booths were easily navigable and sponsors received much more exposure than in the past.

However, the real highlights of the event were the multiple networking and social events hosted by the sponsors. Every evening, there were several very well attended events that proved to be great networking opportunities, as well as a lot of fun. Much like in years past, the event hosted by Enserco Energy at Lodo, was the most enjoyable. This was a great chance to meet new people, bump into old friends, and extend the ZEMA value proposition in a relaxed and informal atmosphere.

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