Free Public Webinars On The Type Of Data Used In Global Markets

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With the data universe ever expanding at a rapid rate, it’s important that business analysts and market traders are aware of how the latest data information could impact their decision-making.

At ZE, we’re always striving to provide a superior and innovative data management solution to our clients worldwide. One of the ways we do this is through our valued partnerships with some of the world’s leading data, software, technology, and consulting companies.

Beginning on Wednesday, August 21, ZE will team up with our Data Partners to jointly-host a series of complimentary “Data in Action” webinars. Each webinar will present a unique glimpse of how powerful weather, financial, energy, and power market data works. We will show the full breadth of data that’s available at our client’s fingertips in the ZEMA Suite as well as the many data manipulation techniques ZEMA’s Market Analyzer tool helps with when building their own sophisticated analysis.

MDA Weather Services, the premier source for industry-sensitive energy weather information, will be the first co-host to participate. MDA provides specialized weather products to clients that depend on receiving real-time reports to manage and minimize energy risk. During the webinar, we will showcase MDA’s most popular weather data and demonstrate how access to ZEMA’s robust analyses better equips clients for predicting current and future weather.

For more information on this webinar and to register click here.

Over the coming weeks we will be adding new partner webinars to the calendar. Whether you are a business analyst, a market trader or an IT manager, stay tuned for further updates to learn how data from the world’s leading vendors can benefit your organization.

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