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Within any industry or organization, the analyses performed on a daily basis are oftentimes the same series of calculations that are simply run for a different time period or on a different set of data.

Nonetheless, those queries can require an inordinate amount of time and effort to replicate every day, from setting up the time window, to filtering and aggregating the data, to inputting formulas—which can range from the few and simple to the many and complex.

ZEMA simplifies and accelerates the analysis process by providing analytic templates and customizable user settings.

ZEMA templates save the logic behind the analysis so that data manipulations and formulas can be locked and applied to other sets of data across different periods of time. To utilize the saved logic, the user simply needs to pull up a template, substitute the data series with other data of interest, and then run the query. This not only allows the same type of analysis to be performed consistently across different sources of information, reducing the margin for human error; it also allows analysis to be replicated quickly and easily. Moreover, analytics and curves created from a particular template will be updated whenever the template is updated.

Karen Image small
Figure 1. Linked Analytics can be found under the Master Template in the Template Library.
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Figure 2. Child analytics follow the logic of the parent analytic. Set within the parent, greyed out series are locked across all child analytics, and black series can be modified.









As an extra time-saver, ZEMA’s customizable user preferences provide a way to set as default the most frequently used features, functions, formats, and business logic. The toolbar can be set to always use the same time interval, or to always exclude weekends and particular holidays. Analysis results can be set to output in a particular currency, unit, or date format. Data sheets can be set so that only specific ranges of data are retrieved, depending on the data granularity.

From beginning to end, ZEMA 4 provides a variety of ways to make the analytical process faster, smarter, and easier.

To learn how the ZEMA Suite can meet your data management and analysis needs, book a free demo now.

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