As the industry leading data management solution, ZE prides itself on maintaining close relationships with major data providers. Last week I was given the opportunity to attend Platts Commodity Week here in Houston. Hosted by one of the key vendors in the energy and commodities space, it was no surprise that it was attended by almost 500 attendees, covering every energy vertical.

Industry leaders from around the world touched on key topics impacting the industry.  Hot topics included the natural gas supply/demand balance and the drive to increase LNG exports, the increase in exports of polymer products, and of course, the looming Dodd Frank Act – now with many laws already in effect. A major concern cited by the smaller market participants, some of which are considered large companies in other verticals, was keeping up to date with changes in the market place, specifically regulatory changes.  The overall feeling is they are being pushed out of the wholesale market.

ZE PowerGroup provides an agnostic data management solution that has the capability to combine a company’s core data set – whether it be E&P, shipping or retail – with the latest market data and reporting capability.  Our Master Data Management solution provides greater economies of scale when managing your data, leading to a more scalable, proactive market data set – allowing all market participants to leverage their existing business to stay ahead of the curve in the wholesale market.