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It’s been a very busy and exciting couple of weeks here at ZE, which finally culminated in the launch of  ZEMA 4 – the latest version of our award-winning data management software ZEMA Suite that offers a faster, smarter, and easier way to manage enterprise data.

Ahead of today’s launch, our marketing department worked hard to redesign our corporate website to reflect our ongoing efforts to improve the ZEMA user experience and make it generally more informative and enjoyable to navigate.

We also launched a new video  featuring Dr Zak El-Ramly, ZE President and CEO, and members of the team here in ZE.  Our team talked about the development of ZEMA 4, including some of its fantastic new features.

Below are some of the improved areas of the website that users, in my opinion, might enjoy exploring.

Information Architecture and Navigation

ZE offers a wide range of products and services, from comprehensive solutions (data collection, complex analytics, integration with internal and external downstream systems, and data and analysis sharing across organization) to specific products and services, such as data monitoring, consulting, training and custom development. We know it can sometimes be difficult to find specific information when faced with dozens of different web pages to choose from. To make it easier, we’ve redesigned the menu structure and pages layout to allow for a clearer distinction between the sections, easier navigation and faster access to information.

Improved Social Media Integration

Since 1995, ZE has been growing not only in size and global presence, but also in the communication channels. Among them is DataWatch, an online magazine dedicated to data-related news and updates for the energy and commodities industries. Our corporate blog has been increasing in popularity, as we continue to post updates on market trends, recent industry events, and corporate updates as well as blogs about ZEMA.  We have multiple social media channels, including our various Twitter accounts that help us connect with our clients, partners and staff.  We also recently launched a Facebook page with pictures and updates from our events, “behind the scenes” stories on product development, and even more market snapshots of contracts, forward curves or day-ahead prices for electricity.

To help users find these channels faster and easier, we have an improved Media Room section with latest updates and links to social media channels.

Updated and Modern Design

In the light of ZEMA 4 and its improved user experience and refined new interface, we redesigned the look of our website to create a better visual and aesthetic experience for the users.

See it for yourself by following the link. We would love to hear from you! Please send your comments and suggestions to





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