LDC Gas Forum Mid-Continent: Risk Management – What You Need to Know to Survive

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LDC Gas Forum Mid-Continent is in Chicago, IL, from September 13 to September 15. The exert from the Conference agenda:

"What is next for the financial system and the credit marketplace? How can companies survive and continue to thrive? What is the current state of the credit markets and which financial tools should we choose to survive?

Moderator: Mr. Paul Burgener, Director of Financial Products – Origination, BP Energy Corp.

  • Ms. Becky DeMarr, Director, Marketing, CenterPoint Energy Services, Inc.
  • Ms. Manal El-Ramly, Director, Eastern Office, ZE Power Group Inc.
  • Mr. Paul Corby, Senior Vice President, Planalytics"

Also Manal El-Ramly, Director of ZE Eastern Office is presenting at this conference "Front, Middle and Back Office Integration – The Challenges and Outlook for the Future"

About LDC Gas Forums
The LDC Gas Forums, comprised of 5 regional conferences held annually in Atlanta, Boston, Chicago, Los Angeles and Canada (in conjunction with IGUA), are the premier events where the Natural Gas Industry meets. The conferences are highly regarded by the industry for their excellent content and as the premier networking event for bringing together buyers and sellers in the natural gas marketplace.

source: LDC Gas Forums

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