Focal Point 2010 Technology User Conference: Growing Interest in ZEMA Suite

Last week Vlad Alexeyev, ZE Business Analyst, and Bruce Colquhoun, ZE Sales Manager attended Triple Point Technology User Conference (Focal Point 2010, Sep 13 – 15, Rye Brook, NY). The primary purpose of their trip was to further ZE’s progress toward tighter integration with different Energy Trading and Risk Management (ETRM) systems. It was also an opportunity to create awareness of the ZEMA Suite ™ among those attendees of the Conference who are unfamiliar yet with the ZEMA solution.

“The Conference provided an excellent opportunity to interact with companies with deep data needs in both the energy and shipping industry,” says Vlad, adding that “this type of event is always good for people to share ideas in an informal and relaxed way. While there were some people who were well familiar with ZEMA, some saw the demonstration of our product for the first time and were impressed by its analytical capabilities and its ability.”

According to Bruce, the attendees and sponsors expressed a significant interest in learning more about ZEMA and potentially offering it to their clients. Triple Point highlighted their partners and demonstrated the benefits of companies in the industry working together. “I am very happy with the results of our attending,” says Bruce.