Exploring the Global Energy Market at the MDA Spring Energy Conference

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This year’s MDA Weather Services Spring Conference will be taking place on April 2nd in Chicago; ZE has been an attendee for many years, and will be both sponsoring the event and presenting a paper on the power and natural gas market outlook.

MDA is a partner of ZE, and provides weather services data within ZEMA for many of our clients. MDA provides industry-specific reports that are crucial for many energy and commodity market participants, as weather and climate can have a significant impact on markets like natural gas, power, and agriculture.

ZE’s Chief Strategy Officer Aiman El-Ramly will be sharing his global perspectives on the interconnected nature of energy and commodity markets. As energy and commodities become truly fungible in a global perspective, the concept of isolated or localized markets is becoming a thing of the past. Fuels serve global appetites rather than simply domestic markets, and significant events in one country can have a major impact on commodity prices worldwide. As such, market participants must adjust their expectations of supply and demand to take into account the new global trade landscape.

We look forward to attending the MDA event this year, and are happy to continue sponsoring and speaking at this annual conference.

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