Allegro Customer Summit: ZE Expanding Partnership, More ZEMA Integration

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Allegro Customer Summit: ZE Expanding Partnership, More ZEMA Integration

The Allegro Customer Summit is an annual event that brings together not only Allegro’s customers, but also industry leaders and partners. It is a good place to learn how to further leverage the investment in Allegro solutions and to meet with Allegro partners and Allegro staff, while participating in focused break-out sessions and hearing keynotes from industry leaders.

This year Allegro Customer Summit was held from Monday Sept 13th through Thursday Sept 16th, in Dallas, Texas. ZE contributed to the event through its sponsorship and presentation that was mostly focused on the solutions to capture both market and in-house-created data into centralized data warehouse for integration with data-dependant systems such as Allegro ETRM system and other downstream systems. In addition, ZE presented case studies describing how improved data management systems can achieve considerable efficiencies and business benefits within a corporation.

Geoff Trawick, ZE Account Manager, and Igor Melekhin, ZE Analyst-Consultant attended the Summit. They had a few productive meetings with potential partners. A solid partnership would ensure that the customers would be exposed to ZEMA Suite ™ as a data aggregating solution that can feed a wide range of different ETRM systems. Consequently, it could make ZEMA even more attractive and increase the number of potential customers. Many attendees were interested in connecting their feeds to ZEMA.

“Allegro hosts a world class event, with a world class client base which means this is a must attend event every year,” says Geoff, “ZE PowerGroup made considerable strides on solidifying our partnership with Allegro and forming new key alliances during the conference as well as earning our place as data experts through a highly attended breakout discussion lead by me and Igor Melekhin.”

Additionally both Igor and Geoff attended the educational sessions offered on Thursday and gained considerable knowledge about the architecture and flow of the Allegro system.

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