ZEMA™ Spaces: An Innovative Component to Take Your Data Analytics and Reporting to the Next Level

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In a world where some large corporations and data-driven players in the energy, commodities, mining, agriculture, financial, and shipping markets are still struggling with organizing and managing large volumes of data and analytics, ZEMA users are gearing up to take their data categorization and access control to the next level with ZEMA Spaces.

The new component of ZEMA is designed to allow users organize their ZEMA Analytics into meaningful collections and enable them to manage access control to the objects more effectively, eliminating the need for generic accounts.

How Does ZEMA Spaces Work?

Spaces allows ZEMA administrators and end users to organize their Market Analyzer Profiles (incl. Analytics, Datasheets, Templates, and Linked Analytics) into containers based on common groupings, such as desks, teams, or commodities.

User permissions for each Space can be modified to ensure that only the relevant members have access.  As a result, there will be tight security controls, and each ZEMA user will enjoy a tailored experience, only seeing the content relevant to them.

Additionally, objects that reside in a space can inherit permissions, resolving the need to manually assign access to objects individually, saving users time and effort.

4 Unparalleled Benefits of ZEMA Spaces for Your Business

✔ Elimination of Security Risks

Previously, ZEMA objects were owned and organized by a named user. If the user left their position, the team would have trouble moving the content, as it would still need to be referenced with that user’s username.

With the new feature of ZEMA, the objects are owned by a Space, and a configurable group of users can access them. Additionally, the “Move” feature makes it easy to transfer ownership of ZEMA objects and upload them to Spaces.

Simply put, Spaces eliminates the need for generic, shared user accounts and removes potential security risks, ensuring safe and efficient content management.

✔  Improved User Experience

With large volumes of individually owned Profiles in ZEMA, it can become difficult to find the Profile you are looking for. 

Spaces ensures users can only see what’s relevant to their current work, delivering a tailored experience that boosts productivity. In the Home Space, users can view all objects they have access to. Alternatively, they can navigate into specific Spaces for a filtered content view. 

✔  More Efficient Access Control

Previously, ZEMA users had to manually assign permissions to data objects, which was time-consuming and challenging, especially in complex environments with several Profiles, users, and Curves.

ZEMA Spaces automatically controls object access based on pre-defined permissions. So, when you add a new member to a space, they’ll be granted Read, Write, or Admin access automatically to all ZEMA objects in that container. This feature has made it easier for administrators to control access to corporate IP.

✔  Increased Data Security

A new security resource for Space Administrators as well as a Space Manager role, assignable to each Space, make administering security on ZEMA Profiles easier than ever. In addition, storing all Profiles in Spaces (rather that individual user ownership) eliminates any advantage of creating generic user accounts to manage content – a potential security vulnerability, and makes the ownership and access to those objects transparent and flexible.

Start Creating and Managing Meaningful Collections of Data Objects with ZEMA Spaces Today!

With the new feature of ZEMA, users can simplify how they organize large volumes of Profiles into meaningful collections and enjoy more effective access control management for each container. 

Book a personalized discovery call with our expert today to see how the ZEMA can empower your organization.

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