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ZECO Hosts Successful Vancouver Conference and User Forum

On October 5, 2012, ZE Conference Organizers (ZECO) concluded its third annual conference and user forum at the Hyatt Hotel in downtown Vancouver. Conference participants from various energy and commodity industry backgrounds heard presentations and discussed the latest trends and developments in the ever-evolving North American data markets. They were provided an opportunity to learn ...
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Clarifying the Data Cleansing Process

I sit in a lot of sales calls and I was recently in a meeting with a prospective client in which we were asked if we “cleanse” market data as part of our service offering. This is a question that I hear a lot and unfortunately is an indication that there is a good deal of confusion within the market about what data cleansing really means. In this case, what the client was really asking was whether we correct market data that is issued from data vendors such as Platts, GFI, Argus, ICE, etc. The short answer to this question is “no” we don’t “cleanse” market data in this context and truth be told, nobody should be or is allowed to independently change 3rd party market data on behalf of the client. There is however, a process for handling data issues and errors.
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Protected: ZEMA Suite Blog: Data Management is Ready

The ZEMA Suite Blog has been in works since early March of this year. After some heavy renovations and structural changes we are ready and proud to announce our blog's presence. ZEMA Suite Blog is presented by ZE PowerGroup Inc., the developer of the ZEMATM data management and analysis solution which collects data related to coal, power, gas, crude, financial, weather, emissions, hydrology and others.
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