The ZEMA Solution


Enterprise Systems That Drive Your Company Forward and the Tool That Can Help Make It Happen

Introduction One of the most important resources to operate and manage modern-day organizations is information technology (IT). From operations to customer service to security, IT affects every facet of a 21st-century enterprise. Today, IT-enabled technologies that integrate the functions of the business across the enterprise have become the backbone of organizations. These technologies are referred to ...
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How Important Is Data Aggregation?

Introduction Today, business decisions are based on vast amounts of data, making quick access to data crucial for making the right decisions at the right time. The advent of big data and the explosion of data sources provide organizations and data scientists with a wealth of information. However, extracting meaningful data is still a problem, which ...
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Data Management: Challenges, Risks And Possible Solutions For An Organization

“Without big data analytics, companies are blind and deaf, wandering onto the web like a deer on a freeway” - Geoffrey Moore Introduction Data management is something that sets a firm apart from the competition. A collaboration of effectively analyzed data and a well-groomed instinct are characteristics that allow executives to perform exceptional decision-making when it comes ...
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