ZEMA™ Spaces: An Innovative Component to Take Your Data Analytics and Reporting to the Next Level

In a world where some large corporations and data-driven players in the energy, commodities, mining, agriculture, financial, and shipping markets are still struggling with organizing and managing large volumes of data and analytics, ZEMA users are gearing up to take their data categorization and access control to the next level with ZEMA Spaces. The new […]

Finding the right Data Integration and Analysis tools is critical for the NGL and LNG Industries

By Centralizing and Automating Your Data on a Single Platform , You Can Make the Right Data-Driven Decisions for Your NGL and LNG Organization The NGL and LNG market is becoming increasingly more complex, competitive, and difficult to predict. The key players in the markets are demanding more flexibility, the industry is seeing a rise […]

Advantages of Outsourcing Data Management Services

Timely decision-making for businesses operating in data-intensive industries requires investing in creating viable support systems to help them make well-informed and impactful decisions. Businesses operating in industries like energy, commodities, agriculture, shipping, mining, insurance, finance, renewable energy, oil and gas, and utilities require data support systems that offer high-quality and timely data, which can directly […]

Q & A: An Interview with Ian Gordon, Director of Business Development, European Markets, ZE PowerGroup Inc.

A Virtual Fireside Interview on data trends, data management pain points and solutions for the Energy and Commodities Industry Sector Introduction With over 25 years worth of experience in technology and sales, ZE PowerGroup’s Ian Gordon is no stranger to innovation. His areas of expertise include the energy and commodities markets, with a special focus […]

Enterprise Systems That Drive Your Company Forward and the Tool That Can Help Make It Happen

Introduction One of the most important resources to operate and manage modern-day organizations is information technology (IT). From operations to customer service to security, IT affects every facet of a 21st-century enterprise. Today, IT-enabled technologies that integrate the functions of the business across the enterprise have become the backbone of organizations. These technologies are referred […]

Importance of Cloud for Data Management

Intorduction In today’s world, nearly all businesses are increasingly utilizing the benefits of IT. IT and its platforms are used to seamlessly collect, store, analyze and share data. This not only helps businesses run efficiently but also saves business owners a lot of hassle. They can invest that extra effort in growing their businesses rather […]