Without the word ‘management’ data is a liability, with the word ‘management’ data is an asset

Author: Dimitra Triantafyllidou, International Research Networks Ltd. (IRN) Interviewee: Waleed El-Ramly, Chief Growth Officer at ZE PowerGroup, on data management and energy trading companies. Data management: is it a paradox putting these two words next to each other in the first place? I don’t think the two words are a paradox at all. Management is […]

Data-Driven Decision-Making: Minimizing Risk through Automation

The Information Technology landscape has been transformative for many industries for the past five years, especially for the finance and commodity markets. For the Insurance and Reinsurance industry, IT infrastructure and data-driven decision-making tools need to catch up. Multiple factors, such as a rapidly expanding data universe, cloud, and distributed technologies, and highly granular and […]

CAISO – Control your Data, Control your Business with ZEMA

ZEMA, enterprise data management solution for commodities and energy markets, can help control your data from collection to validation to integration and create a seamless environment throughout your organization. As the only independent grid operator in the western United States, the Californian ISO grants equal access to 26,000 circuit miles of transmission lines and coordinates […]

The Time Is Now

Clients, Partners and friends…hope everyone reading this has recovered or is recovering from the recent one in two hundred year flooding event in Houston. As everyone knows, our industry has seen the worst drilling downturn since the 1980’s; by some measures it is also considered the worst oil bust ever.  Enterprises are cutting back and […]

ZE Datawatch Magazine Spring 2016

In this issue, the In Depth article by Serge Vinokour, ZE’s Director of Product Development,   addressees concerns of Big Data collection processes. In most cases, analytical tools assume that the data is already collected, unified and stored in a database. BI systems are dealing with structured data, which is already prepared for the creative intellectual […]