Finding the right Data Integration and Analysis tools is critical for the NGL and LNG Industries

By Centralizing and Automating Your Data on a Single Platform , You Can Make the Right Data-Driven Decisions for Your NGL and LNG Organization The NGL and LNG market is becoming increasingly more complex, competitive, and difficult to predict. The key players in the markets are demanding more flexibility, the industry is seeing a rise […]

How has The COVID-19 Pandemic Accelerated Cloud Adoption

“Digital transformation” and “cloud adoption” have been buzzwords for the business world for the last few years. From enterprise-level organizations to small and medium businesses, it appears that every business is moving operations to the cloud and pivoting to adopt online productivity and collaboration services as they move forward. The notion of network-based computing dates […]

Renewable Energy and The Role of The Mining and Metals Industry Sectors

Global warming has long been a major concern for the world. Unfortunately, despite the warning bells being rung by scientists and environmentalists for decades, a complete transition to renewable energy from fossil fuel was not regarded as a fiscally viable shift. Recent years have seen the impact of global warming materialize in the form of […]

Europe’s energy transition commits to a green hydrogen future

Europe’s transition to a zero-carbon future is well underway. Greenhouse gas emissions have fallen by 20% since 2005, according to World Bank data, and the EU is now targeting net zero emissions by 2050. The largest share of emissions globally is generated by the power sector, and this is where efforts have focused over the […]

Vehicles to be the major … vehicles for CO2 reduction

Oil refiners may soon find themselves the target of an effort to cut greenhouse gas emissions in the northeast US using a cap-and-trade program. A number of northeast US states are revving up to create a cap-and-trade program to cut CO2 emissions from cars and trucks. This effort could end up creating the largest carbon […]

Eureka! California strikes gold with carbon market

The landmark cap-and-trade program has helped put the Golden State on track to meet its near-term greenhouse gas emissions goal – without wrecking the economy. Will others follow? California and market partner Quebec easily sold off all of the carbon allowances offered at their latest auction, continuing a run of success that state leaders in […]