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Is Data the New Oil?

Just like oil is used to power vehicles, airplanes and machines, data is used to power most of the transformative technology we see today i.e. artificial intelligence, automation, and advanced predictive analytics. Refining or transforming both data and oil makes it more valuable to the consumer, but does that make data the new oil? How does ...
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Data Management in a Data-Driven World

Demand for ‘data professionals’ of all stripes continues to grow at a seemingly insatiable rate. The trend is now pervasive across almost any industry, and any department or any individual role within. The mainstream has nearly universally embraced the current aspiration standard in strategic thinking and culture - to be data-driven. Organizations are clearly striving ...
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5 Reasons Why Master Data Management Is Critical

Introduction Failure to manage information accurately can lead to several disasters. The key to achieving effective information governance is master data management (MDM). Here is why MDM is critical. In 2012, Gartner—the American research and advisory firm, identified master data management (MDM) as critical to achieving effective information governance. Without it, a potential disaster is on the ...
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