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ZEMA’s Partner Spotlight on IGNITE | CTRM/ETRM

Who is IGNITE? The Future of Advanced, Multi-Dimensional Commodity Trading Software Is Here. IGNITE is an award-winning, ultramodern, commodity (and energy) trading and risk management (C/ETRM) platform, specializing in transactional strategies related to the buying and selling of commodities, management of associated risk profiles, and administration of accounting, and logistics related activities. IGNITE’s mission has […]

ZEMA™ Spaces: An Innovative Component to Take Your Data Analytics and Reporting to the Next Level

In a world where some large corporations and data-driven players in the energy, commodities, mining, agriculture, financial, and shipping markets are still struggling with organizing and managing large volumes of data and analytics, ZEMA users are gearing up to take their data categorization and access control to the next level with ZEMA Spaces. The new […]

ZEMA’s Partner Spotlight on AgFlow

Who is AgFlow AgFlow is the world’s largest agricultural markets alternative database fed by the first and only Boots-On-The-Ground data collection network globally. We collect, aggregate, and redistribute market data that is transparent, based on evidence, not opinions, in an actionable format. What sets us apart? We have the world’s first and only live cargo […]

ZEMA Partner Spotlight on OilX

Who is OilX? OilX is a fast-growing, London-headquartered data analytics start-up; backed by the European Space Agency (ESA) and Citigroup amongst others. OilX combines satellite observations and conventional oil analytics using the latest data science techniques to generate a real-time snapshot of the global oil market. What services does OilX provide? Our core service, the […]

Finding the right Data Integration and Analysis tools is critical for the NGL and LNG Industries

By Centralizing and Automating Your Data on a Single Platform , You Can Make the Right Data-Driven Decisions for Your NGL and LNG Organization The NGL and LNG market is becoming increasingly more complex, competitive, and difficult to predict. The key players in the markets are demanding more flexibility, the industry is seeing a rise […]

ZEMA’s Partner Spotlight is an ongoing series where members of our Partner Network team shine a light on innovative and trusted partners from across the world.

Who is ICIS? ICIS – Independent Commodity Intelligence Services – has partnered with ZE to provide trusted global commodity intelligence for the energy, chemical and fertilizer industry, where and when you need it within your ZEMA platform. At ICIS, we help businesses make strategic decisions, mitigate risk, improve productivity, and capitalize on new opportunities by […]

Data Automation and Business Operations Excellence in Energy and Commodities Markets: 10+ Things You Should Know

Success in the modern energy and commodity industry requires companies to adopt a proactive, data-driven approach. The COVID-19 pandemic created an environment of volatility in commodity markets, pushing companies to transform their energy supply chain into a strategic value chain through cost efficiency and enhanced processes. Many companies have adopted data automation and analytics tools […]

Advantages of Outsourcing Data Management Services

Timely decision-making for businesses operating in data-intensive industries requires investing in creating viable support systems to help them make well-informed and impactful decisions. Businesses operating in industries like energy, commodities, agriculture, shipping, mining, insurance, finance, renewable energy, oil and gas, and utilities require data support systems that offer high-quality and timely data, which can directly […]