Why ZEMA? Webinar for Professionals Working with Energy and Commodities Market Data

Most firms require an enterprise data management system to collect data from multiple sources, in different formats, and at different time granularities. They need a system that can also transform and integrate aspects of collected data with several downstream systems, whether it’s ETRMs, an ERP, or several BI systems. Companies with strong IT departments are […]

[Infographic] Why You Should Avoid Building Your Own Enterprise Data Management System

Are you considering or are you in the middle of building an internal enterprise data management (EDM) system? Before you continue, it’s important to understand the unintended and costly consequences that may be involved. Acquiring ZEMA, an award winning, off-the-shelf solution built by industry experts, is a smarter choice.   The Case for Acquiring ZEMA […]

Building or Buying an Energy and Commodity Enterprise Data Management System: Which Is Best for You?

The data requirements of energy and commodity markets are complex and constantly evolving; finding ways to efficiently manage, organize, and store data are among the most significant challenges businesses face today. To address this challenge, many companies are confronted with the difficult choice of either building their own software solutions from scratch or buying an […]

ZE and WG Consulting Webinar: Feed Spotfire with ZEMA Data

Recently we at ZE co-hosted a live webinar with our partner WG Consulting to demonstrate how an integrated ZEMA and Spotfire solution helps users extract the most value from their data. Valuable market intelligence can be gained through the combination of ZEMA’s data collection and integration functionalities and Spotfire’s visualization capabilities. During the webinar, we highlighted ZEMA’s ability to feed both […]

Complimentary ZE and WG Consulting Webinar: ZEMA Data Integration with Spotfire

Information systems are the backbone of businesses that rely upon data to enhance their decision making processes. Data within most organizations is replicated across a number of such systems, including customer relationship management (CRM), energy trading and risk management (ETRM), and business intelligence (BI) systems such as Spotfire. These downstream systems have different capabilities and requirements […]

Seamless Integration to Downstream Systems with ZEMA

Information systems are the backbone of business processes where access to information enhances business decisions. When developing or acquiring a new system, simple and seamless integration with existing or future systems is crucial. Data provided through various systems or solutions typically requires multiple integration points using different methods or technologies to extract and standardize data […]