ZE Datawatch Magazine Spring 2016

In this issue, the In Depth article by Serge Vinokour, ZE’s Director of Product Development,   addressees concerns of Big Data collection processes. In most cases, analytical tools assume that the data is already collected, unified and stored in a database. BI systems are dealing with structured data, which is already prepared for the creative intellectual […]

ZE Datawatch eMagazine July 2015

In this month’s issue, the Editorial article examines the stability of the natural gas markets alongside the confusion and chaos of other industries, as represented by recent market data news. Numerous short articles this month provide updates on CAISO enabling aggregated rooftop solar to participate in the wholesale energy market, EIA adding natural gas data […]

ZE Datawatch eMagazine June 2015

In this month’s issue, the In Depth article continues to examine possible implications of Tesla Powerwall and Powerpack batteries on the energy industry. The challenges posed by the widespread adoption of these batteries could result in less predictable energy consumption, which could significantly reshape the way utility companies do business and increase the need for […]

ZE Datawatch eMagazine May 2015

In this month’s issue, both the Editorial and In-Depth articles explore key issues and questions surrounding Tesla’s new line of energy storage batteries for residential, commercial, and utility purposes. The Editorial considers how the widespread implementation of this kind of battery technology could present new challenges for load forecasting as well as the collection and […]

ZE Datawatch eMagazine April 2015

In this month’s issue, the editorial letter examines the implications of a recent EIA announcement about the increased transportation of crude oil by rail in North America. The In-Depth looks at Price Reporting Assessments (PRAs) within the global oil industry. As countries begin industrializing in the Asia-Pacific, major energy demands will drive the need for […]

ZE Datawatch eMagazine March 2015

In this month’s issue, the editorial examines Nasdaq’s unprecedented expansion into North American power, oil, and natural gas futures as well as the possible rationale behind such a maneuver. The “In-Depth” article looks at the continuation of depressed oil prices in light of the commodity’s complex history during the 20th century. Numerous short articles provide […]

ZE Datawatch eMagazine February 2015

In this month’s issue, the editorial letter explores the influx and implications of microgrids on the power sector. The “In-Depth” article examines the history of oil since 1973. Focusing on the relations between the Middle East and Western economies, author Aiman El-Ramly shows how our present oil situation is the direct product of decades of […]