Learn about the U.S. Crude Oil Market and its Impediments from ZE’s Joint Webinar with Platts

Last week we held the third webinar from our “Data in Action” webinar series with Platts, a leading global provider of market news and benchmark price assessments for those in energy and commodity markets. Platts has been independently and impartially assessing oil markets since 1909, and with the recent crude oil developments in the U.S. […]

Is Pumped Energy Storage the Future of Renewable Energy?

The interconnected network that delivers electricity from producers to consumers, known as the “electric grid,” is facing new changes. Mandatory renewable energy targets are being adopted worldwide, meaning electricity suppliers are required to obtain a specific percentage of their total electricity from intermittent renewable energy sources. Wherever intermittent power sources reach high levels of grid […]

Blending Curves in the Power Market: Data in Action

We recently held one of our “Data in Action” webinars, alongside one of ZE’s newest data partners, Tullett Prebon Information (TPI), and we highlighted curve blending using U.S. East PJM and Mid-Columbia (Mid-C) power pricing as market data examples. TPI is a leading provider of independent and impartial real-time price information across the global Over-The-Counter […]

ZECO Hosts Successful Vancouver Conference and User Forum

On October 5, 2012, ZE Conference Organizers (ZECO) concluded its third annual conference and user forum at the Hyatt Hotel in downtown Vancouver. Conference participants from various energy and commodity industry backgrounds heard presentations and discussed the latest trends and developments in the ever-evolving North American data markets. They were provided an opportunity to learn […]