Utilizing Good Data Governance Procedures For Your Data

Data is an essential corporate asset that helps you make those all important business decisions on all aspects of energy and commodities markets. Having the appropriate controls and procedures in place when working with internal and external prices can contribute to your organization’s competitive advantage in the market place. Utilizing the proper data governance procedures ensures […]

ZE Attends EDW 2012 in Atlanta

As a leading data management company, ZE is committed to learning about new developments in the data management space. This month I was fortunate to attend the 2012 Enterprise Data World Conference (EDW) in Atlanta—the business world’s most comprehensive data and information management educational event. Over the course of the week I, along with three […]

ZE Sponsors EMART Asia 2011

ZE attended EMART Asia, Asia’s largest energy trading event last week at the Suntec International Convention & Exhibition Centre in Singapore.  EMART Asia was launched as part of the Singapore International Energy Week 2011 and is the spin-off event of the popular EMART Energy conference in Europe and The event gave Dr. Zak El-Ramly, President […]

Price Disconnect in Commodity Markets Amplified by Complexity of Data

The increasing complexly of data is creating an “information gap” in commodity markets that could be causing commodity prices not to follow the logic of underlining economic fundamentals. In the study Financialized Commodity Markets: Recent Developments and Policy Issues released last month, the United Nations Conference on Trade and Development recommended governments that they find […]

Enterprise-Wide Risk: Join the Discussion at the ZE Conference

As regulators around the world debate systemic risk – focusing on the risk/reward proposition of market activity on the economic system – enterprises are increasingly focusing on managing enterprise risk and satisfying shareholder concerns that their investments are safe. Modern enterprises have evolved into complex systems of smaller, separate corporations and/or business units located in […]