Streamline Data Integration with the ZEMA-FutureSource Solution

Data management continues to be a challenge for the participants in the global energy and commodity industry. Microsoft conducted a survey interviewing 282 major IT decision-makers in 2013 and concluded that 49% of respondents rated managing data growth as “extremely challenging” when managing their companies’ business intelligence, 41% rating integrating disparate BI tools as “extremely […]

Managing Data Challenges in the Financial Sector

Businesses are overwhelmed by an ever-increasing volume of incoming data. As Foreign Affairs reports, “Today, there is enough information in the world to give every person alive 320 times as much of it as historians think was stored in the Library of Alexandria’s entire collection—an estimated 1,200 exabytes’ worth.”[1] With data collection and analysis becoming […]

Enbridge’s Northern Gateway: Energy Politics & Oil Spread Pricing

The Harper government’s June 17th approval for Enbridge’s construction of their Northern Gateway pipeline has been the centerpiece of Canadian political controversy in the past month. Analysts and investors are simultaneously rejoicing and lamenting the landmark decision as the energy industry turns its eye on Enbridge’s response to the approval. With 209 conditions prescribed by […]