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How to Enable Highly Successful Data Analytics

Introduction You’re living in La La Land if you think you can make sense of what’s happening in your business without understanding the data pertinent to it. Traditionally, C-suite executives have turned to the data scientists in their organization to interpret the available data and understand what’s happening in the business. However, organization dynamics have changed ...
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How End-to-End IT Management Can Benefit Your Business

Introduction Like oil, data increases in value after it gets processed. Whether the data is processed through data warehouses, in-house databases or Big Data technologies, organizations need to coordinate multiple tasks to ensure its availability when needed. Traditional data collection and processing allows for error-prone processes, a lack of control and visibility into data, and high ...
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The Importance Of Automating Critical Business Processes

Introduction Relying on Excel, manual processes, and ad hoc code to perform business critical tasks is counterproductive. The solution? Business process automation. An innovative approach to systemize key business tasks, business process automation streamlines the processes by making them less redundant, risky, costly and fragile. What comes to mind when you think of business automation? Efficiency? More ...
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What Web Services Can Do For You!

Introduction As a means by which devices and software communicate over the World Wide Web, web services range from major services such as customer relationship management (CRM) and storage management to much more restricted and niche specific services such as checking of auction item bids and provision of market data. Web services are services made ...
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